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Three new product lines are now available in the US and are included in our new Basor Non-Metallic Cable Trays catalog.  Contact Basor to get your copy or go to our website to view an online version. Download Catalog


Basorplast BPE PVC Cable Tray – Stands up to any environment.

basor_basorplast-bpe_093016Specifically engineered to handle exterior environments, the PVC material used in Basorplast BPE is formulated to withstand UV rays and chemical exposure. Its solid wall construction is available in ventilated (slotted) or solid tray styles with covers, accessories and supports to match.

Basorplast BPE is available in a light grey finish (RAL 7035). BPE cable trays combined with covers offer every cabling installation the ultimate in protection. Use Basorplast BPE for exterior applications on rooftop installations, in processing plants, marinas and much more. UL 568/CSA C22.2 No. 126.2-022 listed.


Basorplast BPI PVC Cable Tray – Sleek looking for interior applications.

basor_basorplast-bpi_093016Suited for interior installations and where the cable pathway is not exposed to UV light Basorplast BPI is constructed with a hollow wall design to reduce the overall tray weight, yet keep it strong enough to support cabling loads. All trays are available in ventilated (slotted) and solid wall styles.

Basorplast BPI is only available in a medium gray (RAL 7030) finish, and protects cables while providing a smooth, professional looking installation. Use Basorplast BPI for open office areas, schools, MRI facilities and underground facilities.


Fibertrav EFV Fiberglass Cable Tray – For the most aggressive environments.

basor_fibertrav-efv_093016Supports control and power cabling in the most aggressive chemical and corrosive environments.  is available in 20′ lengths and heights of 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ to meet any NEMA specification. With three choices of rung spacing and tray widths up to 36″, you can create a custom installation for any application. Fibertrav EFV is available with a complete line of accessories, supports and attachment hardware.

Use Fibertrav EFV in chemical processing facilities, oil and gas refineries.